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Steve Cotter Extreme Strength

Steve Cotter Extreme Strength

Take it to a whole new level with Steve Cotter’s all new, Extreme Strength - The 12 Week Kettlebell Workout! This incredible system is based on Steve’s own personal strength and metabolic conditioning program he uses and is an accumulation of years of knowledge training with some of the top Kettlebell athletes in the world. The entire Extreme Strength program follows 3 workouts per week for 12 weeks, with the sole focus on improving your Kettlebell lifting skill and making dramatic gains to lift heavier Kettlebells for more reps.

Each day’s workout is designed to progressively improve one or more sets of Kettlebell lifting skills using advanced Russian Kettlebell training methods along with skill specific barbell and body weight exercises (alternate Kettlebell lifts are provided if you do not have barbells). This is the exact training regimen Steve Cotter followed for his 2010-2011 Kettlebell Sport training that allowed him to make massive gains with his Kettlebell endurance and lifting volume along with shredding his body into the best physical condition of his career. The most unique element of the Extreme Strength 12 Week Program is that by choosing the proper Kettlebell weight, anyone can do the workouts regardless of physical condition or Kettlebell skill.

Everything you need to know is covered before you begin the 12 week program as Steve teaches you proper lifting technique with in depth discussions on breathing, workout pacing, recovery, and much more. You will then follow Steve right through every single workout as he personally coaches you providing hours of lifting tips, strategies and on the spot motivation to push you through for extreme results! You even get to do the workout warm ups and cool downs with Steve making this the most complete Kettlebell system every created.

Included in the Extreme Strength DVD program is 36 follow along workouts (weeks 7-12 repeat with weight modifications), a joint mobility warm up and 2 cool down routines. Also included is a separate in-depth instructional section where Steve teaches the fine points of every single exercises that you will be using during the entire 12 week program. This includes every Kettlebell lift and all of the barbell exercises in the program. You also receive the Extreme Strength Training Log that displays every single exercise, set count and repetition that you will be doing during the entire 12 weeks. The specifically designed training log displays all of the workouts, exercises, sets and rep counts and has a unique section to log each workouts progress.

This is without question the largest and most effective Kettlebell work out system ever put on DVD and is a must for anyone looking to take his or hers Kettlebell lifting and physical conditioning to a whole new level!

    Package Includes:
  • 12 Week Extreme Strength DVDs
  • 36 follow along workouts
  • Over 12 Hours of video instruction
  • 3 Joint Mobility Warm-ups & Cool downs
  • 12 Week Printed Workout Log

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